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Independent America

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Once a Democrat or Once a Republican, affairs of both parties have left many people out in the cold. These are those we refer to as Independents and politically, the Independents are now a larger and more powerful voting block than either "major" party may claim.

In the last 10 years, both parties have curried favor with those of us who became disenchanted but were strongly patriotic and voted 98% of the time.

In the upcoming election of 2006, neither the Democrats or Republicans have enough "base" support to put any candidate into office. Both parties are trying to "rewrite" our election laws to allow either Illegal Aliens or Convicted Felons to vote. They are promising all types of rewards for this effort.

But, the truth is that the Independent American will be the one who determines the final outcome.

Name: Independent America <private@inrep.com>

Age: 63 Years Old (4/23/1957)
Location: United States